They are fighting for us


Let’s do our part and help in as many ways as we can.

Stay Home, Stay Well, and Help Others


 How it works

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Sign up to get help or to help. Be patient and be generous! Your privacy is in your control.

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If you can help, search for Seekers in your area.


Use messaging in the application to communicate and coordinate.

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Share your gratitude with the person who helped you at the time of need

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Register and request what you need. Remember to be clear, specific, and open one request at a time. You can open a new request once you close the current request if any.

I can help. I am a Helper.

Yes, we need you. Register and find requests in your area that you can help with. Communicate with the help seeker, and remember to be patient. Thanks for your help!


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Million under lockdown


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Why its important to help now

Time is Running Out

Day by day, more and more people are running out of resources. The time to help is now.

Unprecedented Pandemic

The world has never seen anything like this before. During this uncertain times, let’s do what we can

There is Not Enough Help Available

This is not just a health, but an economic crisis as well and loads of daily wage workers are out of jobs. They all need your help in this difficult times.

What is it all about

No Donation Needed!

All we want to do is connect Helpers and Seekers

The site does not ask for any money. Anyone can help in their own ways. Some can help with food, some can help with essentials, some can help with water and some can help with medications. All these are things people need during this time of crisis. Don’t hesitate to help in any way you can.