It is simple

As a Seeker

Sign Up

1. Sign up as a help seeker. Login using your credentials and open a request.

Respond to Messages

2. Be patient and wait for some one to respond via message on the next steps to get in touch with them.

Close Request

3. Once you get the help, please do not forget to say thanks to the angel who helped you.

As a Helper

Sign Up

1. Sign up as a Helper and search for the requests that you can help with in or outside your area.

Select and Message

2. Select the request you can help with and message the seeker that you can help and coordinate on next steps.

Send Final Instructions

3. Send detailed final instructions on how you will help and what seeker needs to follow to get help.


Read and Follow CDC Guidelines for Social Distancing

While you get help or provide help to others it is critical to be safe and healthy. Please ensure that you are following the guidelines from CDC for social distancing to protect yourself and others.

What to do once I get help? 

If your request has been fulfilled by a helper, you should proceed to close that request. If your previous request is not closed, you will not be able to place another request on the app until you close your current request. Closing your request will prevent people from seeing the request and facilitate equal distribution of help to others that are in need allowing their requests to be seen.


To close your request:

1. Go to your Active Requests Menu

2. You will see the Say Thanks box

3. Add a note of thanks for someone who helped you

4. Complete the feedback form

5. Submit and it closes your request



  • Once you close the request you an open a new request if you need more help.
  • Only one request can be open at a give time
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