Below are some frequently asked questions to help you better understand the platform


Will my private information be shared with other users?

Only with your permission, you will always be asked before it is shared with others. If you are a help seeker, you will be asked before you submit your request and if you are a helper, your information will never be shared. You will be able to exchange information in a message while accepting a request.

Why can I not just pay the webapp to help others in need?

At this stage we are not accepting any payments and the completion of a request will occur directly between a helper and a help seeker. This will yield the most benefit to the help seeker.

Why can I not place a new request?

If you are unable to place a new request, you may have a current request still open. You are only allowed to place one request at a time on the webapp. If your current request is completed by a helper, you can convey your gratitude by selecting the “Say Thanks” option and then close the request.

What do the stages of a request mean?

There are three stages a request can be in. The first stage of a request is the “open” stage. When a request is open anyone can help the seeker by fulfilling the request. The second stage of request is the “in progress” stage. When a request is in progress the request will not be visible to anyone and will be seen in the helper’s view and the seeker’s view. Both sides may still use forms communicating with each other. The third stage of a request is the “closed” stage. In this stage a request is completed and is also not visible to anyone other than the seeker who made the request and the helper who fulfilled it.

How do I help complete a request?

If you are a helper, you can help fulfill requests of seekers in your area by selecting the help option next to a request and completing the form that appears. The form will be received by the seeker and contact can be made afterwards.

Does the webapp need to use my location?

Yes, the webapp will use your location to sort the requests you see according to the seekers location. This will allow relevant and local requests to appear first in your current requests list.

Can I communicate within the webapp?

Yes, you can communicate with the other party, whether you are the helper or help seeker. You will also have the option of sharing your contact information with each other and communicating on your own outside of the webapp.

How do notifications work?

Notifications will be available through email and post notifications that can be viewed on your cell phone or any device that can access an email. Notifications include any received help/accepted requests and new request opportunities.

How do I sign up?

To start signing up click the sign-up link located on the home page under the login. Signing up will require a username, your full name, email address and/or phone number, and password. You will also indicate if you are an individual or an organization and if you are a seeker or helper. Finally, you will indicate an address which will allow relevant and local requests and/or helpers to appear.

I need help, how do I get started?

If you are a seeker and you are looking for help you need to start filling out a request form. The request form will ask you for a short description, the request type and the details. You will have the option of sharing your contact information with your potential helper if you are comfortable and accordingly can select “yes”. If you are not comfortable with sharing your contact information you will also have the option to select “no” and communicate within the webapp.

Some Key Features

Sign Up

Sing Up as a Help Seeker to get help and as a Helper to help others.

No Donations

We do not accept money. You can help in kind in your own way at your convenience.

Say Thanks

Don’t forget to say thanks to the angel who helped you for your needs.