Our Story

Welcome to covidhelpforfamilies.org! The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the supply chain in America. Thousands of people across the country are running out of basic necessities at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, there are countless generous Americans who are eager to help those who need them. CovidHelpForFamilies aims to connect those who can help (the “Helpers”) with those in need (the “Help Seekers”) in their own community. You can register as a Helper or a Help Seeker today.


Help Seekers can post urgent needs for Helpers in their area to see and fulfill. Helpers will be able to see those help requests in their area and offer help. The Helpers can get in touch with the Help Seekers and deliver the help that is requested. Once they receive the help, the Help Seekers will be able to close their help request and provide feedback on their experience of receiving the help.


Sign up if you can help.

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Our Mission


To connect the people who are in need with the angels who can help these people in need.

Some Features About Us

Sign Up

Sign Up as a Help Seeker to get help and as a Helper to help others.

No Donations

We do not accept money. You can help in kind in your own way at your convenience.

Say Thanks

Don’t forget to say thanks to the angel who helped you for your needs.

We Are Here To Connect Seekers and Helpers

We think that people can help each other as long as they can find who to help and this platform is a way to connect the seekers and helpers